Public Health

Federal funding for 2012-2016 focuses on recruitment in the area of Public Health Careers. 

   35% of our SAHEC time is to recruit and provide Volunteer    Local Asst. Professors, who are credentialed by the Univ. of Toledo       College of Medicine and Life Sciences, and then share their precious time       and expertise with our students.  These fabulous health professionals             (100+) in Primary Care, gave their time and expertise with over 240               graduate health professionals school students, 4 Physicians' Asst. and 18       Advanced Nurse Practitioner students in this past year. 

  • Find out if a health career is right for you
  • Learn about health career opportunities
  • Find a career that fits your educational plans
  • Find out what health care workers do
  • Start building your resume now
  • Don't let money stop you
  • Believe in YOURSELF!

To promote the development of continuing education for physicians, nurses and other health professionals to enhance the professional atmosphere for practitioners in our areas. See the HEALTH CAREERS tab to learn more.

​To enhance access to quality health care, particularly primary and preventive care, by improving the supply and distribution of healthcare professionals through community/academic educational partnerships.


2. Connecting Students to Careers

3. Communities to Better Health

Steps to a Successful Health Career

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Connecting students to careers, professionals to communities and communities to better health

since 1981.

Sandusky Area Health Education Center


1. C​onnecting Professionals to Communities  

Facilitate and support practitioners, facilities and community-based organizations in effectively addressing critical local health issues.

Provide continuing education and other services to improve the quality of community-based care.

See the CME tab to learn more.